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September 7, 2022 2023-05-06 13:00

e-DSCs Lead

Face of Technology Pool of your College.

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Why have technology pool?

Technology Pools are gonna create an environment and sense of competition for pushing the community members for learning the technologies and getting a better work experience leading to a better career or entrepreneurial journey.


Roadmap to Start Technology Pool in your Ccollege


Basic information of your technology expertise and network in your college.


Get an understanding on your views, goals and mindset with e-DAM.

Induction Program

Goals to reach in the period of being a campus lead.

Core Team

Build Your Core team of technology enthusiasts.

Build and Grow your technology pool.

Start using 100DaysOfTechnology to learn any technology in 100 Days to the community members of technology pool.

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e-DSCs Lead Responsibilities

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Offline and Online events in your college based on technology and product building.

Grow the Technology Pool

Increase the numbers of developers and designers in your college.


Work with student start-ups on their products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do we have to change the name of our club?

Not necessary, We just want to generalise all technical clubs and communities in Hyderabad.

what exactly is the goal of generalising?

Centralising a community of developers, designers and other tech enthusiasts to get opportunities in one place, and an ecosystem to mingle start-ups and tech enthusiasts.

Do we have mentors?

We have a set of industrial and student mentors in all the technologies we have chosen to upskill our community members.

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Start The Technical Community in your college.

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