e-Designing and Marketing is The Technical Community Of Hyderabad. It is a student-built and run community focusing on enterprise application development technologies. We are an accelerator and ecosystem where engineering students can learn and work with real-time projects/applications on real-time with real-time application development technologies.

The necessity of e-DAM in the present education system in engineering especially in Hyderabad is for students to increase awareness of business-required technologies that will be used in product and service-based companies.

We aim to educate and realize the students with all the available list of technologies, and the skills that are required, so that the students can judge themselves with the technology they would want to make their career in right when they are in their engineering career itself, in the age group of 18-22. This gives them a better approach to once engineering and works professional careers.

Our values and goals are concentrated on the betterment of engineering students during their engineering careers. We focus on different levels of problem statements, starting from –

  1. Lack Of motivation to start working on one career.
  2. Lack of awareness of enterprise application development technologies.
  3. Confusion about which technology to choose to work on their career.
  4. Lack of guidance, and mentorship to start learning technology and getting deep into it.
  5. Gaining Work experience, and lack of awareness of gaining work experience.
  6. Working as a group or a community.
  7. Lack of environment, and competitive nature on the campus among the students.
  8. Lack of technology pools in colleges, to identify tech enthusiasts to increase opportunities.
  9. Lack of an ecosystem between tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs.

These are some of the problem statements we are solving on a shorter and larger scale in colleges and across Hyderabad. We have different solutions, and we are always in the process of ideation and fixing the problem statements existing.

All these problem statements are real-time problems in engineering colleges, that need to be addressed, and one of the solutions that e-DAM believes can solve the problem is through a community.

For all the above problem statements our solutions are :

  1. e-DAM Community: A centralized technology pool connecting all tech enthusiasts from all colleges, to network and work together.
  2. e-DAM Century: An application program that acts as a companion for a student to get a list of technologies that are available to explore and learn any technology in 100 days with the price of consistency, time, and effort. All the mentors and external guidance will be provided to learn the technologies we focus on.
  3. e-DAM Space: A social networking application that will act as an ecosystem of tech enthusiasts based on their technology level of expertise, and start-ups can open their opportunities, and their traction will increase based on the category, subcategory, and other factors.
  4. e-DAM Spotlight: A podcast where we invite tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from 3rd tier colleges to share their journey and knowledge in the fields.
  5. e-Developers Students Communities: These are opportunities for colleges and students to start technical communities in one college, to establish and maintain technology pools in colleges, through which the team can increase awareness and create the environment with the help of college management. These e-DSCs will network with each other and will be powered by the industrial mentor pool and resources curated to learn enterprise application development technologies.
  6. e-DAM Start-Up: This is an initiative where we collaborate and work with start-ups that need incubation, technical, marketing, and sales support. We are working on creating a founder’s circle where their insights and knowledge can work with the start-ups.

These are just a few initiatives which e-DAM is working on now, and we intend to come up with more technical functions and programs to accelerate and provide a better engineering experience.